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The Mediterranean Diet

Cypriot Cooking
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Cypriot people love their meat served together with lemon (a natural digestive & immune boosting ingredient that aids weight loss, assists cleansing the liver and is an excellent source of vitamin C). Not many people use pre-packaged ingredients or toppings with artificial flavors or chemicals/preservatives with their meals; they enjoy food for its natural taste with a splash of lemon, olive oil and white vinegar to top any salad or vegetable mix and use parsley & other natural herbs with their meals which are used as staple items.

After basking in the warm summer sun on the white sandy beaches of Ayia Napa, Limassol, Paphos or Protaras and swimming in the crystal clear salt waters that leave you feeling refreshed and energized, Cyprus offers an abundance of home made easy to eat cuisines that surpass your average sandwich or bag of chips.

The Cyprus kebabs and mini kebabs are an easy pick up meal that come in your choice of pork, lamb or chicken with chopped onions, salad, hot chips and dripping with tsatsiki sauce. This is one of Cyprus’s most popular take-away and a healthy choice as they are cooked over charcoal. One of the more popular choice fillings amongst the locals is a Sheftalia – the Cyprus meatball made with minced meat, onions, parsley and wrapped in caul fat; a mouth-watering addition to the kebab and can be purchased separately or together with your kebab. If you prefer dining in, most of Cyprus’s eateries include the traditional kebab, served to your liking. Most traditional restaurants also offer home made Trahanas Soup (see our recipe pages) that are made with locally produced Bulgar Wheat and Halloumi Cheese.

For the vegetarians, an easy alternative is grilled Halloumi Cheese filling, which is an extremely healthy and protein rich option. In the villages of Cyprus, many of the locally produced ingredients offer delicious flavouring to home cooked meals and desserts including Rose waters, Carob, Rose & Almond cordial, Grape Spread & Honey bursting with anti ageing properties due to their high anti oxidant count (Resveratrol). Capers and Caper Leaves, Organics teas, and Shino, the most important ingredient for making Cypriot hot sausages “Loukanika”. These natural ingredients plus many more support a healthy diet, elevate mood & boost the body’s natural defence against disease.

Throughout Cyprus there are many street side sellers offering fresh fruits and vegetable usually picked that day, fresh juices, corn on the cob, roasted nuts and if your lucky and happen to be driving in Famagusta, a little driveway selling “Stifado” – home made slow cooked beef, potatoes and onions cooked with organic tomato’s. There is something about this simple Mediterranean dish that always leaves you wanting more!

From the outside, Cyprus bakeries may seem pretty straight forward, but once inside the variety of hot and cold, sweet and savoury options are a delight. Cheese, spinach & olive pies, home made Crisprolls (Koulourakia), home made ice creams, cakes and desserts, sausage rolls, roast chicken rolls and sandwiches with any filling imaginable!

On street Loukoumades are a treat well worth waiting for, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Loukoumades are little balls of dough that are deep fried on the spot then immediately plunged into a Honey flavoured syrup. They are served hot, usually on a small plate with a plastic fork or toothpic. The taste is unforgettable.

Crown Imports/Exports are proud to present a range of products that bring the natural flavors of Cyprus to your kitchen!

Lesvos is one of Greece’s hidden treasures worth discovering. Areas in the south including Plomari the distinct scent of Ouzo trickles through the senses as Lesvos is the home of the finest Ouzo in Greece and Barbayianni, the producers of the greatest Ouzo in the world. Mitilini, which the island is also commonly known as (to the Greeks), is a stunning little port town with cobblestone streets, mouth watering cuisine of fresh fish and seafood, and majestic views of the north Aegean Sea. Lesvos is home to one of the largest Petrified Forrest’s in the world, together with its olive groves, fresh seafood, cheese and olive pies, beach street festivals, friendly people and ancient castles to tour in both Mitinini (also hosting Greek and International Music Performances) and the city of Molivos. An unforgettable relaxing island to indulge the senses.

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